Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People is central to ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to communities affected by HIV and AIDS. Each year, they support and build new partnerships with community-based organisations (CBOs) around the world in settings that are either resource-limited and hostile settings.

Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People aims to improve sexual health & wellbeing and advance social and economic justice for men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people in resource-limited and hostile settings.

The Second of two calls for community-led small grants proposals in 2018 is open between Monday 3rd September and Friday 21st September.

  • Projects led by communities and focusing on social drivers of HIV in resource-limited & hostile settings will be prioritised.
  • Education & economic empowerment, shelter & homelessness, mental health & wellbeing and human rights & social justice are our main focus.
  • Grants of up to GBP £40,000 for two-year projects are available (with no more than £24,000 in any one year).
  • To learn more about the specifics of this grant opportunity, please carefully review our Strategy Paper (Lots of eligible countries in all six  regions. See page 5 of the Strategy Paper) When applying, please ensure you refer to our Application Guidance Notes.

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