The Technical Support Centre (TSC) is a regional Initiative that:-
a) Help to broker and coordinate capacity development and technical support to regional CSOs and stakeholders and to national networks and
b) Explicitly direct efforts towards AIDS Service Organisations in the region to improve own performance in relation to purpose, context, resources and viability.

Technical Support Centre (TSC)TSC facilitates self-managed process of organizational change. The initiative takes a holistic, longer term and multifaceted approach towards Institutional growth for results oriented delivery. The initiative ensures that civil society organizations are able to more effectively deliver rights based and gender sensitive HIV prevention programmes and services in the region.

Development actors are promoting a more holistic and integrated approach which positions poverty reduction and development at the centre of the HIV response, capacity building is on the one hand the “organization’s core contribution to development in a society and on the other hand an effective and accountable organization becomes a means to achieving global and national goals of improving individual and community livelihoods through focused, cost effective and sustainable interventions.

We promote the notion that capacity building needs to be rooted in a comprehensive study and assessment of the pre exiting conditions so that it is not restricted to training alone, which does not facilitate sustained and long term results. EANNASO therefore promotes a sustainable capacity building approach for effective HIV response in the Eastern Africa region.

Our Strategies