This institutional development function is tasked with the overall running of EANNASO’s Secretariat by focusing on financial and institutional sustainability. Financial sustainability ensures that EANNASO has access to predictable and sustained financial support from core donor agencies, RECs, and philanthropic initiatives. Institutional sustainability ensures that EANNASO has well developed policies, systems and procedures that support programme implementation that leads to value addition and its strategic positioning in the region.

This function will ensure regular Organizational Capacity Assessments, strategic plan reviews and evaluations from which the lessons learned and knowledge capital generated informs decision making. It will also manage the human resource function, support the governance structure and institutionalize a functional financial management system. The institutional Development Program is an internal program whose priority is managing an internal structure that supports the organizations functioning and ensuring it can deliver on the other three outcomes.Institutional Development

The institutional arrangements refer to the key institutional elements, structure and resources that make the programmatic implementation possible. This key institutional result focuses on governance, leadership, the role of the Secretariat, functional arrangements and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).