An empowered Civil Society effectively contributing to Eastern Africa region enjoying a quality of life free of the HIV epidemic and its associated impacts.

Driving a regional HIV prevention agenda that empowers national networks to effectively contribute to reducing new HIV infections, by enhancing the voice of CSOs and strengthening their institutional and programmatic capacities.

Organizational Values
In its endeavour to serve its target population, EANNASO will remain true to values that guide programming and operations of the organization as a whole. These values form an integral part of the strategy and by making them public, commits the organisation to uphold them:

  1. Integrity: EANNASO staff and members are stewards that believe in professionalism at all levels of service delivery, and puts transparency and accountability at the forefront of program implementation and the management of public resources

  2. Unity: EANNASO supports consultation and participation of all stakeholders at all stages of their interventions and works towards creating a sense of belonging and ownership; through sharing and promoting a common voice and vision and valuing the strength of teamwork to achieve its mission

  3. Equity: EANNASO promotes a strong rights orientation that reinforces justice, fairness, respect and compassion.

  4. Leadership: EANNASO fosters leadership development at all levels, encouraging innovation and excellence through continuous learning.