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Replenishment Campaigns

Much of the success of the AIDS movement has been won through its power to unite people – across nations and sectors – in solidarity to fight for health and social justice. On 26 September, 2012, on the side-lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, political leaders from Africa and its development partners came together with representatives from civil society, academia and development institutions to re-affirm commitments and to take action to accelerate progress in the AIDS response through a new, unifying agenda of shared responsibility and global solidarity.

The Global Fund’s 5th Replenishment comes at a critical moment as civil society challenges world leaders to deliver on their commitment to accelerate the end of the HIV, TB, and malaria epidemics by 2030. The Global Fund’s 5th Replenishment is a test of global commitments to delivering on the new Sustainable Development Goals and a test of the global commitment to ensure powerful new scientific evidence benefits millions of people waiting in line for high impact prevention and treatment services.
We will not reach our shared goal without ambitious program expansion, innovation of service delivery approaches, including scale-up of community-based service delivery, and raising funds from donors and all actors.
We need bold funding increases, without which we will not see the rapid acceleration in life-saving service delivery needed or implementation of new standards of care in treatment and prevention of the three diseases. The era of rapid scale-up using only existing resources is coming to an end; programs are already facing difficult choices. In order to increase the pace of scale up there needs to be more funds.

EANNASO under the auspices of the GFAN Africa is thus calling on the Africa Heads of states and the world leaders to increase their investments in health and ensure that we end HIV, TB and Malaria.